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Don, W9IXG, left receiving award from Brian, NWS, for Managing the BWN for 25 years

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The planned integrated BWN-CoCoRaHS system starts November 1st, you will be able to submit your weather reports direct through CoCoRaHS via the Internet that many of you are already registered; and the BWN and NWS strongly encourage you to do that part of the plan. The NWS wants your data!!

It is clear that we have developed a strong family relationship between us that you have asked to keep going. We will have a daily 30-minute BWN on 3984 from 6:45-7:15 Central time with one BWN Net Control Operator leading the net of your weather and other general Ham topics so we can still keep in touch with each other! Official NTS messages can, also, be handled if there is someone to handle it. The NC operator for the day will be posted on the BWN website under BWN Monthly Staff Schedule link. We hope many of you can check in and keep the friendships going!

We, the BWN and the NWS, thank each of you for your dedication in making this a successful net over the past 53 years with valuable data.

Don, W9IXG, BWN Manager

Please check back often and have a great day!